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Harmful Effects Of Sleeping In A Brazier (Bra)

A bra is worn to support the br**sts, provide modesty and increase the sense of security a women feels. It temporarily affects the shape of the br**sts, such as uplifting them to create a cleavage...


Lifestyle: 5 Easy ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, a lot of changes happen to her body. One of such changes is the appearance of stretch marks. For some women, it is only when they are pregnant these marks appear while for others they don’t have to be pregnant.



Women Can Now Take Holidays Off Work When Menstruating (Read More)

The Zambian government has sparked outrage after coming up with holidays for women when they are on their periods...


What Doctor Found Inside Someone’s Intestine Will Shock You (Photo)

Just few days back, an American doctor/surgeon has taken to his Instagram handle to reveal how he pulled out a ‘lady’s bikini’ from someone’s intestine during a surgery.

However, the surgeon did not reveal if the patient was a male o...


Gracious Hands Catering Service Opens Pre-Christmas Promotions

Gracious Hands Catering Service : Ahead of this year’s Christmas festive season, Gracious Hands Catering service has opened it’s anunal pre-Christmas sales and promotions.
Gracious Hands Catering Service is one best when it comes to the food...


5 Bad Things Every Woman Wants from Her Man in Bed, No. 5 will Shock you

5 Bad Things Every Woman Wants from Her Man in Bed: Deep inside, no woman wants a man who just jumps into bed and pulls out his pnis, because sx for woman is a mental and physical process...


5 ways garden eggs can make you healthier

5 ways garden eggs can make you healthier: It is a known fact that the right foods will not only help you be healthy, it can also make you live longer. Being careful about the things you feed your body comes with a lot of benefits...



NEW DEADLY DISEASE WORSE THAN HIV THAT COND0MS CAN’T STOP (MUST READ): Unmarried men too seem to prefer Cond0ms as the popular method to protect against STIs...


How Long Should Sex Last?

How Long Should Sex Last?: The pressure put on men to last longer in bed is epitomized in modern pop culture by rapper Missy Elliot who sings how she doesn’t want “no one-minute man,” and dancehall artist Ms...


Japanese Food Can Help You Live Longer

Experts believe that Japanese food can help you have a healthy life, and according to the London-based nutritionist Cassandra Barns, it can help in getting a long life.

Japanese diet that includes sushi, miso and pickled vegetables is also b...