10 GHANAIAN MUSICIANS WHO SERIOUSLY NEED REBRANDING:A collaborated research carried by FN and Blu Networks reveal that some of Ghana’s musician must start considering the subject rebranding.

The research is aimed at advising musicians on branding and rebranding and not to mock their current brand ID.

Wikipedia defines “Branding is a set of marketing and communication methods that help to distinguish a company from competitors and create a lasting impression in the minds of customers.”

In this context, the key focus lies on the phrase “create a lasting impression in the minds of customers” in the definition above. Sarkodie and Shatta Wale are two musicians who have successfully created a lasting impression in the minds of Ghanaians.

It must be noted that, Sarkodie is a brand artiste while Shatta Wale is a rebrand artiste, that is underwent a total branding from Bandana doing hip-life then.

In Ghana, anyone can easily identify when a Sarkodie or Shatta Wale songs are being play on radio or any other mediums.

However this does not apply with some musicians who have been in the industry close to a decade now. Nobody can easily identify their news songs.

Here are 8 musicians according to the research must consider branding or rebranding.

  1. D-Cryme
    The ‘Kill me shy’ hit-maker who is first on the list does not necessary need to undergo the rebranding process instead step up his game. D- Cryme has been in this music industry close to a decade and by now; Ghanaians should be able to easily relate to his music.
    D- Cryme according to the research is not consistent in releasing songs. He seldom releases a track yet expects to create a lasting impression in the minds of Ghanaians. This is a big NO

  2. Yaa Pono
    The next artiste who must consider a total rebranding is the almighty Yaa Pono. According to the findings from the research, Yaa Pono has been doing music long before Sarkodie yet little is known about him.

It would however be in his best interest to consider another doing genre of music and even his name. Yaa Pono should get serious with his music and put an end to his well known counter music. For instance, when Asem released ‘Filla’, Yaa Pono quickly attacked him with ‘Killa’.

Wow, Opanka finds himself on the list and this is very serious if he is looking for success in his music career, things ought to be done right. The research reveals Ghanaians are very fond of him and comments that came in unveil that, he is a great musician without him knowing it.

His social media activeness and interaction is also a plus for his brand. All he needs implore expert advice for his brand identity and stop the social media ‘we dey worry’ thing.

4.Joey B
By all standards, Joey B is considered as a great musician and all he needs now is to get expert to help build a solid brand.

These duo musicians are amazing singers but they need more coaching and grooming in order to create the kind of impression Ghanaians need. Keche should be able to adopt the R2Bees style where a member can be engaged for featuring by another artiste in the name of Keche. They also consider the Nigerian duo, P-Square. Their manager, George Britton knows more on branding.

6.Little Shaker
This Accra based hip-life artiste started his career on a good ground but it appears that he is struggling to keep that feat, hence his enlistment. Shaker according findings needs to put more commitment into his music career.

Gemini is still young in the industry and has a great potential of creating long lasting impressions if only he will be consistent, work hard and seek brand advice.

He should know that, it is the same rap that paved way for Sarkodie so he can also get there with his own style.

Cabum can also make great impressions if he would take time to look deep within and align himself with his strength while working on his weakness.

Hip-life artiste, Guru’s inclusion in the list is simply a weaver. He has been very instrumental to the development of modern day hip-life music in Ghana; however his inability to grab nominations not to talk any awards in recent times calls for a critical check into his branding.

Guru in recent times has been accused of copyright infringement which might be very detrimental to his brand.

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