11 Year Old Student Pens Emotional Letter To President Nana Addo @NAkufoAddo

A 11 year old Junior High School student, Evans Noamesi has written an emotional letter to Ghana’s newly sworn-in president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo.

The young boy who took the chance to congratulate the president for his win has also outlined few things he and his colleagues want to see in the new administration which were neglected by the previous government.

He wrote,

“Dear President Nana Addo,

Congratulations to you for emerging as the winner of the last presidential elections in Ghana and by the grace of Jesus, you have been sworn-in now as the leader and president of our country, Ghana.

Your win has come because children, parents, and the youth of Ghana believed in your message and their cry for change.

Mr. President, I am a young boy who is in the junior high school full of lot of ambitions and dreams just as many other youths like me. Please, I write this letter to you and your government as a voice for other young people like myself.

Daddy, Ghana in the last few years has become very unbearable for many, as some parents cannot to pay school bills for their wards, utility bills, and medical bills to mention a few.

My first charge to you as your son is, please make Ghana work again for all Ghanaians. Many parents are going through a lot to meet their daily and monthly expenses.

Coming from a family like mine with a single mother doing everything, it has become hard to meet all my educational needs. Now that I will sit my first examination, B.E.C.E. later this year, my fear is that will my single mother be able to afford all my Senior High school Education expenses? This fear is not only for me but those people in the rural areas too whose parents are not in any gainful ventures.

Secondly, please let job creations be imminent on your list. The youth of Ghana needs jobs in order for them to save and start their own job. Yes we all have some unemployed brothers and sisters who over the years are struggling to secure a paying job so they can also start live. How can a graduate start a job when he or she has not earned and saved over the years? There are people who have worked for many years yet they are not able to even open a provision store, not to talk about someone who just finished university.

I will end my long but emotional letter to you with a charge from the Bible which King Solomon saw the importance of wisdom and he asked God for it.

Since you are also in the same position, I pray for God to give you all the wisdom and directions you need to be able you make your administration prosperous for all Ghanaians.

God Bless You

God bless mother Ghana

Your son,

Evans Noamesi, 11 years old

EP JHS, Kisseman – Accra

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