Alkaline – Nuh Average

Alkaline became a trending topic these week with his new single called “Nuh Average” dominating the airwaves.

Alkaline has been steadily putting out new music since the start of 2019, and it doesn’t seem as if he has any plans to apply the breaks. A quick view of his Vevo account shows that artiste has been consistent with his releases, and we even got ‘brawta’ with the recent lyrical showdown between the 6ix camp. In his most recent release, the Vendetta boss hits us with a new track called “Nuh Average,” in which he details his above normal lifestyle.

The chorus has a sweet flow that rolls off the tongue. He sings, “45 b*tch nun no average / man fatal like flat bridge and me money nuff / Liquor a beat and weed a smoke / dem can’t knock we offa we feet / dem team up but we rough / party habbit dawgs dem have it / buss up the lastic cause we money nuff / liquor a beat tha feeling ya sweet / a long time dem a hate me / light up and me bun.”

Alkaline digs deep into the lyric stash and gives it to his fans in the second verse. The second verse packs a heavier punch when fed to your brain through your ears rather than your eyes, therefore, it won’t be typed here. The track produced by New Era Productions, LLC, acts as a soft cushiony upholstering, providing a somewhat soothing beat to allow Alka to stack is bars of lyrics on.

The comments coming in for the track are quite positive as well. “Bro some a uno afi go listen some vlogs, bcz a pure intellectual words a chat ina every line… most things uno nah go knw wah d man a talk bout,” wrote one Vendetta fan.

With close to two more months remaining in the year, it seems Alkaline’s camp is set on releasing more tracks, ensuring the fans are not lyrically starved.

Download and Listen Alkaline Nuh Average Mp3 below.

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