Bekey Mills – COVID-19 (Precautions)

Music: Bekey Mills Coronavirus (Precautions)

Bekey Mills – COVID-19 Mp3 Download. Bekey Mills drops a song to support the stay at home campaign going on in the world. Corona Viruses are large group of viruses they consist of genetic material, surrounded of envelope and protein spikes. This keeps at the appearance as a crown (“crown” in Latin is called corona).

They are different types of corona virus:

*respiratory disease can range from common cold and pneumonia. But by most of the people the symptoms can be mild and they can be also severe disease.

Severe disease:

SARS-CoV (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) founded in China 2003

MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome) founded in Saudi Arabia 2012

The resent novel corona virus was found in 2019 in China a city called Wuhan. It initially occurred in a group of people with pneumonia, who have been associated with seafood and live animals market in Wuhan.

The disease is since spread to others who are sick including family members and Healthcare staffs. They are many cases at the present which has spread within china and to other countries.

Where did a Virus come from?

The Virus comes from different typ

es of animals and they jump from animals to Humans this is called a spillover and could be dued to a range of factors such us mutations of the virus or increase contact between humans and animals. For example:

*MERS-CoV which is a transmitted from Camels.

*SARS-CoV which is a transmitted from civic cats.

The animal reservoir at the 2019 CoV isn’t known yet.


The true way of determining the transmission is yet to be known. In general respiratory viruses are usually transmitted through droplet or you can be infected if a person cough or sneezes or throw something that is contaminated with the virus.


*close contact with animals

*live animal market workers

*caring for those with infection

*family members or healthcare workers


*Mild (fever, cough, shortness of breath)

*Severe (Pneumonia, kidney failure and death)


The infection can be diagnosed by test called PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Genetic fingerprint


*no specific medication, treatment is supportive of care.

*no vaccine

*treatment and vaccine are in development


There are a number of standard hygiene measures recommended these include;

*Covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing with a medical mask, tissue or flask elbow.

*Avoiding close contact with those who are unwell. The appropriate use of mask and personal protective equipment’s (PPE) especially in the health care setting.

*Washing hands regularly with soap and running water or alcohol based hand rub.

*Avoiding unnecessary unprotective contacts with the animals.

*Washing hands after contact with the animals or animals product.

*Ensuring that animal products are cooked thoroughly before they are consumed.

It’s important to stay home if you are feeling unwell but if you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing seek medical care early and share your travel history with your healthcare provider.

My Comment

Because the 2019 Novel Corona Virus is spreading rapidly what is known about this virus can change.

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