Billboards don’t win primaries – EFfia MP

Billboards don’t win primaries - EFfia MP

Joseph Cudjoe, Member of Parliament for EFfia in the Western Region says he is being contested not because he has not fulfilled his mandate but rather, done so creditably and made his constituency so attractive that “people just want to use Effia to enrich their resume.”

“The transformation of EFfia, even though gradual, has been phenomenal. Access to water has increased dramatically, the road network keeps improving as the days go by, businesses are thriving, education and healthcare are improving.”

“They say a sound mind lives in a healthy body. We have two Astroturf, and two more are in the offing. In terms of human development, my record speaks for itself. Currently, two of your colleague journalists are studying overseas through my efforts. Here in Ghana, the examples are countless. Some are pursuing legal courses, others engineering and many more,” he told journalists after his vetting that he termed an everyday friendly conversation.”

“The vetting process was smooth and engaging.

Once again, Joseph Cudjoe is being contested and he shrugs off any perception of a fierce contest.

“Last four years, there was another supposed fierce challenger. In the end, you all saw the results. I am dead confident that the same will happen. I do not fear delegates rather, I love them because they know that since they gave me their confidence, I have never let them down. They know they have started a journey with me, have seen the prospects so far and will not exchange that for anything.

Buoyed by hundreds of delegates from EFfia, Joseph Cudjoe insisted that there is no contest.

“A certain impression is being created as though something will happen. Well, if anything will happen, it will be a show of gratitude from my beloved delegates who are not just delegates but my brothers and sisters.”

“Look around me, these people are delegates and they are the ones going to vote. So, if you pay people who do not have any voting rights to follow you, who are you deceiving? So, my contest, even if there is one, is between delegates and non-delegates.”

“And I will be magnanimous enough to offer this free advice. Billboards do not vote in primaries. Rather do a targeted campaign because your voting population is already cut out for you. I have seen giant billboards and I wonder.”

He also advised young men “not to allow political businessmen who go about shopping for candidates all in the name of making money to use you to peak ahead of your time as it could potentially batter your political career beyond redemption.”


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