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Bitcoin Value Drops Ahead of Expected Cryptocurrency Halving Event

Bitcoin Halving

The fee of bitcoin slumped beforehand of the subsequent halving event, which slashes revenues for these who create new devices of the on line cryptocurrency.

After briefly topping the 10,000-dollar mark late last week, many investors got rid of their bitcoin currency over the weekend, causing its value to drop to as low as 8,520 dollars.

The cryptocurrency could only slightly recoup its losses on Monday, when it was trading at around 8,700 dollars.

The process of halving is anchored in the digital currency’s code and occurs roughly every four years, in a bid to protect against losses caused by excessive supply.

It limits the rewards for bitcoin “miners” – people who run computer programmers that free up new bitcoin units – after every 210,000 blocks are mined. Blocks, which make up the currency’s block-chain Protocol, are files carrying transaction data.

The next halving is expected for later on Monday.

Supporters of the currency, meanwhile, are expecting a rise in value to follow and have therefore been investing more ahead of the event.


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