BTS’ Jimin’s Fans Gift Him His Very Own ‘JIMINLAND (Videos & Images)

Jimin’s Chinese fans PARKJIMINBAR presents him with his very own ‘JIMINLAND,’ a never-before-seen birthday support project – For his 27th birthday celebrations, Jimin receives his very own ‘JIMINLAND,’ courtesy to his Chinese fanbase PARKJIMINBAR. As announced by the fanbase, Jimin would be the first person in the world to have such a birthday support project. Mainly, the project includes the creation of 15 giant lights with the image of Jimin’s classical dance as iconic buildings. It also has a moon-shaped flower wall and a large doll, among other things, all coming together to create ‘JIMINLAND.’

The fanbase collaborated with the Yongsan IPark Mall in South Korea to secure the grounds for the creation of this project, the first time in the world for anyone to pull this off. The Yongsan IPark Mall sits on an area of 335,147 square meters, and it is among the most famous buildings in Seoul. The vast area allows for a sizeable project for a better experience. Jimin is the first idol in the world to have 15 giant lights created in the image of his classical dance as iconic buildings.

IPark is the largest city duty-free shop in the world and therefore houses some of the most important business districts. Not only is it the most luxurious place in Seoul, but any tourist visiting South Korea has it on his/her list of places to visit. Heavy investments were made to have a Jimin-themed celebratory project run through such districts, owing to the project’s publicity. Even better is the fact that the project is just near HYBE in Yongsan, with high traffic volume to boost advertising. Thus, the location of the project facilitated huge publicity and also the chance for Jimin to easily see it.

Some project features include a giant custom birthday doll with a birthday cake model, a massive moon birthday theme flower wall, ground decorations with colorful luminous balls and feather balloons with Jimin’s photos, a giant three-dimensional luminous character ‘HAPPY JIMIN DAY,’ which complements the dance lights, a customized Jimin cardboard cut-out, and giant glowing blessing lights, three custom Jimin birthday-themed cafes, The Garden street covering the main road is filled with Jimin’s birthday street flags, four customized super-large Jimin veneer banners in the core area, and playing Jimin’s solo songs in The Garden to enhance the atmosphere.

All the details make it such an exquisite creation to communicate the love his fans have for him.

Being located in Yongsan District, an area of hot publicity, the negotiation process with the relevant bodies was not easy, considering the fact that no one has done such a project for an idol before. In the end, Jimin’s remarkable influence in his hometown and his national recognition, coupled with Jimin’s high status and popularity along with that of his group, made it possible to secure the opportunity for him. This is one of the birthday support projects that will be remembered for a long time.

Here are some videos and images from JIMINLAND as posted by fans who visited the venue.


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