Coughing in the Premier League Leads to Red Card in new FA Rules

The Premier League is getting stern at the opposition and does not tolerate cough. Those that voluntarily do it would be sent off. What is more, it could end up in the English courts if it is serious enough.

The Coronavirus has completely revolutionized everything. Now, it’s sneaking into the rules of football.

According to ‘The Times’, they are considering a new rule in England for 2020-21. Those that intentionally cough at their opponent will be punished by a red card. They will be sent for an early bath.

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In this way, the Premier League wants to make sure that the players don’t just protect themselves, but also their opponents. They don’t want coughs to be used to try and harm their opponent. Because in these times, coughing could seriously affect one’s health.

When that happens, when anyone else is coughed by a player, they will not only get a red card. The source states they run the risk of police talking to them. The coronavirus is very serious and, whoever takes a chance with it, could pay quite dearly in the Premier League.

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