Medikal (@AmgMedikal) – Poof Gang Lyrics

Medikal – Poof Gang Lyrics

This is disturb Nation
Sotuom, Sotuom, Sotuom

[Verse 1]
I’m am idol
Yes I’m a motherfucking idol
Bring the shordies on board like I’m fucking ideal, frytol
B33ma say me dey pon
Swagging akye s333, Allah wati
I’m am idol
Even if I vex, I dey keep am holy
Like I be some Bible
Swag kingkong be the title
Pointing the right foot to every celebrity
Shooting stars make a wish
Despite I no be kwame
I still dey own peace
I only fight for rights
And put am on beats
I refuse to be broke

Like a hulker on the street
You figure say I go talk mugeez
Sia, I swerve you
Siping Heny with omar-sterling in the studio
Top shatta that if you forget I dey remind you
So so eye-red niggas see the way the polio
Make we see your character (this is disturb nation)
Me dida cafe w) tifa, b33ma na wo nka me hu
See the way I naked all this rappers, Joe ma pa mo hu
Ma tra first, Fuck medikal, chalie fuck me
Sika s3m y3 drug abuse a m33ma me y3 junkey
Too much sugar now dem want insult me
You only get the show sake of they no fit aford me

Sotuom, Sotuom, Sotuom
It’s a motherfucking
Poof Gang, Poof Gang
Poof Gang, Poof Gang
Poof Gang, Poof Gang
wei y3, Poof Gang, Poof Gang
Poof Gang, Poof Gang
Poof Gang, Poof Gang
Forget eveybody swag
[Verse 2]
I change my location
I turn my VPN on
Dem still dey compare me
To rappers wey dey battle on songs
B33ma I’m thinking of copple of cheques
Copple of ranks, copple of Silva gold
Copple of bronxs
What the fuck wow
Di3 me ka biaa 3nua na me y3 oo
Di3 me hu y3 biaa 3nua na ma tyr) oo
Me sika nsu baaku nu nti b33ma wei na ma t) oo
Life wei na ma fa oo
Sumy3 nu ni h) a, still a me da oo
See dem never ever see life
I used to hung with my mommy before these Nikes
Mo w) sro nsu mo dasu hw3 f)m street lights

Like is a cycle never could have bought kid sis this bike
Now we laughing in Mercedes
Almost done with ma first house
I’m thinking babies
B33ma this news no go bring you any paper
So daily row away the graphic
Cus the traffic no go fit ever contain me
no go slow, all also,nolso me I be the coolest guy
Also wo mperfume that be why you dey mell so
We dey come from the exzuse, see we taya
Peace sign to the haters, Camelto
Mo y3 pussy niggas
(?) niggas, Sellouts
Dem dey on Medikal diss tour
Make una no stop,sia

Sotuom, Sotuom, Sotuom
Robert in the building
Sister Derby in the buiding
Swame zee, whats up ……….

Medikal – Poof Gang Lyrics

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