Netizens Amazed At How Beautiful Giselle Became in Just A Span of One Year

It’s been a year since aespa debuted in the music industry, and they’ve already made waves with their incredible visuals, performances, and singing abilities.

Giselle has recently gotten a lot of attention after impressing fans and netizens with her beauty. One internet user wrote a community post titled “Wow, what was done to Giselle,” in which they professed their admiration for Giselle’s appearance and attached images of the idol.

Giselle last year.

Giselle now.

The netizen explained, “How can she become this beautiful in just one year??? What did she do? This is very intriguing. Maybe it’s her hair and makeup but she looks like a completely different person.”

Other netizens commented, “I think she lost weight and her bangs did a lot (to change her image),” “I think it’s her dark hair really suits her well,” “Even her chin, you can tell that she lost weight but it’s definitely her front hair,” “Her legs are the same, so I don’t think she lost weight it’s definitely her hairstyling and her makeup,” “She’s gotten so pretty,” “I think she was cuter before lol, she had a signature Giselle-looks,” and “I think her face shape changed too.”


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