PS5 Price leak reveals the Console to be more Affordable than Microsoft’s Xbox X

Microsoft shocked fans last week with an unprecedented Xbox release. The company confirmed the Series S leaks were true and announced that it would cost $299 for the cheaper version.

It’s unclear whether Sony will reveal PS5 launch details, but Sony has to release PS5 availability information sooner than later. But recently there has been a major leak which might give us accurate pricing details about the next-gen PS5.

The PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition will cost $499 and $399, respectively. It was reported that the Xbox Series X forced Sony to cut the PS5 prices. The $500 price tag has been widely accepted by the fans of the console. The price just sits right with the fans as the next-gen console will come with massive hardware upgrades over its predecessor’s.

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But again, we are only looking at un-confirmed rumors.

whats the scoop?
A user on a Spanish forum (via ResetEra) posted the following screenshot that comes from a Spanish retail chain. The list contains a bunch of consoles, including several Nintendo Switch models, as well as two mysterious models. One is a €499.90 “Aurea” device, and the other is a €399.90 “Enigma.”

Recently, an IGN poll was making rounds asking the twitter residents the question, “Now that we have more info on some next-gen console prices, which do you think you’re most likely to buy first?”.

The poll, now closed, placed PS5 with 55.3% of favorable votes. While the Xbox Series X attracted 23.5% votes. This placed the latest PS5 as the undisputed people’s favorite console.

If the rumors are indeed true than sony’s pricing structure will give the company a competitive advantage in the current market. Especially when the global market is affected by economic uncertainties due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Matching the price of PS5 Digital Edition with Xbox Series S will not give sony any advantage over Microsoft. However, if the PS5 is released at the rumored price then sony will surely have an advantage over Microsoft in the next-gen console battle.

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