Squash – One Shot (Alkaline & Mavado Diss)

Squash – One Shot Alkaline & Mavado Diss, Squash, aka 6ix Boss, kill his nemesis Alkaline with “One Shot” on Friday The 13th, while also taking some shots at Mavado.

There were plenty of speculations that Squash would be dropping a diss track on Friday, September 13th, but when he released “Funeral Program” on Wednesday, everyone thought that wasn’t going to happen. Alkaline surprised everyone when he dropped “Most Wanted” yesterday; a diss track that he got a lot of rave reviews for. Some dancehall fans had called it a victory for the Vendetta leader, but Squash had his own surprise up his sleeve.

On Friday, the Mobay deejay abruptly unleashed “One Shot” onto the airwaves and suddenly the dancehall community was pushed into a frenzy. Some folks are suggesting that this track could be the biggest comeback in any war in dancehall’s history. Yesterday, Squash was all but written off, and today he is standing tall looking down at his critics.

“Hold on deh people, now me couldn’t make this past / Yo no see Squidward go married man fi greencard / Yo anno nobody to me now me know yo profile / Me cyan copy you, you in a Kartel style / As yo go a your bed fi rest me browning a kiss yo pon your chest,” the 6ix Boss deejay.

Squash also took aim at MVP member Mavado, who also released a song today. “You a gwaan like yo bad you and your Don so f***ing lame / One thief style and one thief name,” he deejays.

Squash is likely referring to Mavado, who has a similar name to the famous watch brand, Movado.

Download free mp3 Squash One Shot below.

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