Veteran Actor Oh Yeong Su From ‘Squid Game’ Shares His Insight On Life (Video)

Oh Yeong Su, who played Oh Il Nam in ‘Squid Game,’ imparted some life lessons that moved Lovelyz’s Mijoo to tears. The veteran actor who played the elderly player number 001 in ‘Squid Game’ arrived as a guest on the October 16th episode of ‘Hang Out With Yoo.’ Yoo Jae Suk asked whether he had any advice for people looking for significance in their lives throughout the episode.

Oh Yeong Su said, “A lot of times our society treats you as if you have to be the number one. But if you think about it, the second place may have lost to the first place but he has beaten the third place. (Changing the perspective makes that) Everyone is in fact a winner. The real winner in my mind is the one who strives to be the best at what he likes and gives his all during his journey to reach such a level of expertise.”

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He also commented on his wants, “I have been receiving many things in my life, regardless of its size-big or small, and I want to return and leave those I have received as a legacy. For instance, when I was young, I would have picked flowers in the mountain if I saw them. But at my age, I would leave it as is and then I would go there again and see the flowers again. I think that’s what life is about.”

He concluded the interview by delivering the message to his fans, “‘Squid Game’ has become a global craze which is meaningful to me. And I feel like I have become an international actor, which makes me happy as well. The word that I love the most in Korean is ‘aleumdaun (beautiful in English)’. Beautiful world, beautiful person, and beautiful society. Today, I have spent a beautiful time with two beautiful people in this beautiful space. I hope you all live a beautiful life.”

Watch interview below.


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