Why girls feel insecure dating handsome guys.

But why do girls feel insecure dating handsome guys?
How amazing girls sometimes behave like they don’t care about the looks of their guys. The hard truth is girls really do pay close attention to the looks of their guys in dating.

The myth has been transferred to us through generations, that men love what their eyes see on a girl, and the girl loves the guy by what her ears hear from him. But time has changed, and girls are now more concern about the looks of their guys in dating.

Now, let’s turn to the reasons why girls feel insecure about dating handsome guys.

1. Jealousy of dating other girls
Girls get the pain in the bone whenever they see their handsome guy talking to another girl with a deminer that suspects him of proposing to her. Girls are the first parties to really play jealous all the time in a relationship especially if she loves her handsome guy. They hate to see their good looking guy getting too friendly with other girls. The level of jealousy of girls in a relationship can go to an extreme to be a good cause for her to quit the relationship.

2. When other girls keep talking about the guy’s looks.
Girls are disheartened when other girls keep talking about the handsomeness of their guy. The fear of losing the guy to the girls’ increases. This is because, girls think when a guy is over assessed and commended for his pretty looks, he becomes pampered to womanize around because he knows girls love him.

3. When girls keep underrating her beauty to the guy’s handsomeness
Girls become insecure dating handsome guys when their fellow girls turn to compare their beauty to the handsomeness of the guy they are dating. They feel underrated and inferior. When girls find themselves in a situation like this, they can easily give up on their love because they assume the comparisons will get into the head of the guy someday and he’ll finally lose interest in them.

4. When the handsome guy admires another girl
When a girl finds out that her guy admires another girl besides her, she instantly feels insecure in the relationship. The girls who the pretty looking guy admires becomes a threat to the girl in the relationship.

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