This article is part of a series of posts that familiarize our readers with new hot names in showbiz. The stories here are syphoned from a Whatsapp based thread called UPCOMING ARTISTES’ RYD WITH LEXIS WILL.

This year has seen a lot of fresh talent emerge from the shadows, especially from the college front of the music scene. One name that has popped up on our radar lately is Ethel Mensah, a proud Voltarian who goes by the stage name, Bubune. The RYD put our spotlight on her in an attempt to learn more about her music and trust this, we learnt more than just that.

Bubune, is a student of GIJ, an institute which has become the brewing pot of various promising talents such as HECTA, OFFICIAL BLUEPEN, YPA (who sat in as a guest interviewer during this session) and SELASI, who have all made quite brow-raising statements this year and seem to be gassing for the top.

When asked of her whereabouts all this while, she made reference to academic work and family duties as slowing her music career down a bit. The sophomore Communication student continued that she’s ‘ready now to take up the cross’. We asked her if she could hold her own against her peers who seem to have a head start on her and the response was, “Of course… I think hard work and determination lead to success… I believe everyone has a unique talent and it takes time for people to realize what you’ve got… With time, they will… know I’m really in for business”.

Bubune, however has quite the personality. Instead of the good girl/bad girl gimmicks we’re familiar with, when it comes to female artistes, Bubune seems to be walking the thin grey line between the two. To her, there’s no good or bad, “just be yourself”. This lady is outspoken and jovial; you just have to love her.

Bubune does AfroPop, she’s currently promoting her single, “Agoro”, and she named Nicki Minaj as her icon when Lexis enquired…yep, you read that right. On the topic of gender biases in the music industry, the idea of sex appeal and nudity came up in our conversation with her and her responses caught us by surprise. “Akosuah Agyapong did just fine without selling her looks. EShun is doing same. People buy more into personality than product. Nudity sells… if you want traffic; just expose your body small. It has a negative influence on music because of social media. Any nude you share will reach a large number of people and that can affect your life. But it’s also good, it will help sell your product”. This made YPa ask her if she would employ such a tactic in building her fan base. Here comes the kicker.”

“I guess I am what you could call an amateur nudist (*laughs*). I love being nude, it’s the natural state of the body. Most people call it ‘nude’, I call it being natural, we were born like that”. When bugged on her relationship status, Bubune said, “Well, I’m dating… I can’t be single for just a month… I love sex.”

An AfroBeats songstress who looks up to Nicki Minaj and is not shy to show some skin for the views or say exactly what is on her mind. Now, that’s a career you’d want to follow and observe to see where it leads.

Credit ……. Elvis YPa

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