YouTuber Beats Elon Musk To Become The Richest Person In The World

The UK-based YouTuber became the richest man in the world for 7 minutes, surpassing Tesla chief Elon Musk. See how he got it – In an unusual turn of events, the UK-based YouTuber overtook Tesla CEO Elon Musk as the world’s wealthiest man, but only for 7 minutes. In a video posted on his channel on February 13, YouTuber Max Foch, who has over 6.4 million followers, detailed how he pulled the feat. He did it by forming the Unlimited Money Limited Company, which has 10 billion shares. The entire affair was caused by a glitch in the YouTuber’s business registration procedure, which he only utilized for a few minutes. Despite the fact that it only lasted 7 minutes, YouTuber surpassed Tesla CEO Elon Musk to become the world’s wealthiest man. See how he ascended to Elon Musk’s throne.

He was asked how many shares he wanted to establish for his firm on the following page. Fosh began with one trillion shares, but after the website’s repeated denials that it was unlawful, it settled on ten billion. This was the first step for the world’s wealthiest guy (although it was only for 7 minutes). After filling out the information, he submitted the form, which said that registering his business would take two working days. But, to Fox’s delight, the registration certificate arrived just in time for his Starbucks coffee. He’s set his eyes on dethroning Elon Musk as the world’s wealthiest man now that his firm is up and operating.

Seven minutes of YouTuber publicity

He then set up a table and two seats beside a bank on the street and started soliciting investors for his business. If an individual buys a share for 50 pounds, his firm will be valued £ 500 billion, nearly twice as much as Elon Musk’s. To convince Watsaru, however, he stressed that this was not a “safe investment.” He couldn’t find someone to invest in the firm after waiting for hours. But, as he was giving up, one lady decided to invest £ 50 per share, thereby making Fosh the world’s wealthiest man. But he had to get permission first.

As a result, Fosh forwarded the information to a financial adviser, who sent him a letter indicating that “based on the information supplied to us, the market cap of Unlimited Money Limited is assessed at £ 500 billion.” That pleasure, however, did not last long. He is likely to be prosecuted with fraudulent acts as a result of his lack of income operations, according to the letter. The letter suggested that the firm be dissolved.

However, there was a stumbling block. To dissolve the firm, Fosh must locate the lone shareholder and gain their approval to dissolve the corporation and refund the funds. He was fortunate in that he had the investor’s email address, and he was able to immediately rectify the matter. Foss, despite his brief life, became the world’s wealthiest man, surpassing Elon Musk.

“Fortunately, it’s really straightforward to set up a business in the UK… you simply fill out a huge old form,” Fosh stated at the start of his film, as he started filling out the digital form on Company House’s website. The United Kingdom’s Registrar of Companies. Fortunately, Fosh was able to register the business as Unlimited Money Limited. He checked a box that asked what the company’s goal was — to earn money. The website, however, detected an error, and he was forced to amend his answer to ‘Production of macaroni, noodles, couscous, and similar pharyngeal items,’ despite the fact that he claimed he had no idea what the term ‘pharyngeal’ meant. But it was only the start of a wonderful journey that would propel him to the top of the world’s wealthiest list.


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