Lyrics: M.anifest – Sugar ft. Brymo

Verse 1
Aware nyɛ nsaefuo, ɛnyɛ adiɛ yɛ ka hwɛ
Otirim yɛ wo dɛ, opɛ dɛdɛɛdɛ? ɛniɛ so hwɛ
Bachelors and spinsters, Kwashieman to Spintex
Looks like we all want someone with looks to impress
Oh pretty shitty a pity I know that beauty lies
She could be sweetie pie or ugly in disguise
Ferragamo her ammo, Giuseppe customized
Bag and shoes addict, one hell of a vice
I no be your daddy how dare I give you advice?

Harry met Sally, everyone for find their size
How can a midget and a giant rub shoulders?
She’s not career driven listen she prefers chauffeur
To pique her interest for her to be a mistress
Wo botom ni ahuɔ den ah shun, this I should stress
Movenpick, Santoku level, ready yourself
Or its nightmare on elm street, freddy yourself
Either find your level or stay quiet
Wa bodwe sɛ so sɛ dien ah nso kwayɛ

Hook (Brymo)
Person wey get money na e dey love
Oya cut me the paycheck mek we fock
Sugar, sugar eh
Affection for favor, kini score
Verse 2
I know a guy whose charm is unemployed, it never works
But he has dough and having dough has it’s perks
I know a stunning cunning girl who can cook and twerk
Chale relax no punchlines it’s just facts
Some dey chill only in places with expats
Some go pay cash to never have their ex back
And when it’s pitch black you fit to find rich cats
Thirsty as a dog and feeling froggy, it’s just facts
An uncomfortable truth is like a loose tooth
You’re better with it out, some go hear this and pout

I’m not judging
I’m more sinner than saint, but who ain’t?
Amina sisi mu nyɛ den ah onware Yakubu
We all want to get home it’s like we dey play ludu
Houses are bought but homes are built
Are women like wine? If so find me a milf
Cause a shine eye girl is trouble to a man
An irresponsible guy, cancer for woman
Ghana we dey you for measure your pay
Pray you and your sweetie on the same page and you ain’t prey

Repeat Hook

Affection for favor
Dubai things
Sugar eh
Affection for favor

Repeat Hook

M.anifest – Sugar Lyrics ft. Brymo

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