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New York’s Highest-Paying Jobs

We put related positions together in order to increase the list’s diversity and comprehensiveness. Top surgeons would have dominated the list if we had only shown the greatest incomes in descending order.

vocations with the highest wages, along with an explanation of why they are so lucrative:

1. Surgeons / Doctors
Salary Range: from 195,000 USD to 673,000 USD
Due to the importance of their work and the top spot on the list of highest paid professions, surgeons. The career of a surgeon entails considerable risk, significant expertise, and a protracted learning curve—all requirements for a high paid employment.

2. Judges
Salary Range: from 163,000 USD to 565,000 USD
Due to the significant duties that fall within their purview as judges, they are paid pretty well. Making decisions that affect people’s lives is not a simple job, thus the hefty pay is quite appropriate.

3. Lawyers
Salary Range: from 132,000 USD to 457,000 USD
The key factor contributing to attorneys’ high salaries is the high regard in which their customers hold them. A good lawyer can save you from facing the death penalty or save/earn you a ton of money.

4. Bank Managers
Salary Range: from 125,000 USD to 430,000 USD
Managing a bank is a very important job that deserves a high wage since it involves being in control of hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and investments with all the hazards that go along with it.

5. Chief Executive Officers
Salary Range: from 117,000 USD to 404,000 USD
CEOs are primarily responsible for the success or failure of complete organizations. Their huge remuneration is due to the vast scope of impact as well as the risks involved.

6. Chief Financial Officers
Salary Range: from 109,000 USD to 377,000 USD
Any position involving financial management is immediately eligible for high compensation. CFOs oversee spending, income, costs, and budgets, all of which have an immediate influence on how a business runs.

7. Orthodontists
Salary Range: from 105,000 USD to 363,000 USD
Orthodontists work in a field where consumers are prepared to pay high prices for a product or service, making them one of the highest paid professions.

8. College Professors
Salary Range: from 93,400 USD to 323,000 USD
One of the highest paying and most respected professions is that of a college professor. Being a professor is difficult and demands perseverance, which contributes to their high salaries.

9. Pilots
Salary Range: from 77,800 USD to 269,000 USD
Pilots go through difficult training programs and are in charge of thousands of people’s safety every day, making them the only profession on the list that is likely to be exciting in some way.

10. Marketing Directors
Salary Range: from 64,700 USD to 195,000 USD
Directors of marketing are responsible for raising the revenue of their companies. They are compensated generously since they are directly in charge of bringing in business.


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